UFOlogist Back Issues
Vol.11 No.5 to 6 presented in 4 formats
On The Road To Roswell 2007: A Discussion With
Dennis G. Balthaser & Donald R. Burleson

UFO Mag Vol.11 No.4 Jan-Feb 2008
major features

On The Road To Roswell 2007: A Discussion With Nick Pope
By Tom Horn

The Fantastic Flight of JAL 1628...Part 2
By Bruce Maccabee

Setting The Record Straight: Recollections
by Frankh Wilks

Warminster: The Forgotten Mystery
by Kevin Goodman

There Were Humans Among Them..
by Scott Corrales

Has Earth Been Detected
By Steve Colgan

DVDs for Alien Lovers
by Steve Colgan

The South Australian UFO Story...Part 2
by Keith Basterfield

The 1967 Shag Harbour Incident
by Robert Frola

Strange Sightings In Far North Queensland
by Dr. Rohan Mazlin

The Science Of UFOs: Fatc Vs Sterotype...Part 1
by Richard H. Hall

Breathing MoonDust
by David Reneke

other great features

Robert Frola

UFO History Keys
Bill Chalker

News & Reviews
Daniel Sims

Now Then
George Simpson

Tales of Ghostly Sightings
Jo Kent

Your Saymajor features

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