UFOlogist Back Issues
Vol.12 - No.6 to 6 presented in 4 formats
Mystery Space Machines

Topics: VOL.12 No.2
major features

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* On The Road To Roswell 2007: A Discussion With Dr. Mike Heiser by Tom Horn

* Fermi Believed in Aliens? What a Paradox! by Mori

* Astrology - Its All Pie in the Sky by David Reneke

* AUFORN's April Night Watch 2008 by Daniel Sims

* Astrobiology Vs Xenoscientist - Come Out Fighting by Steve Colgan

* The Billy Meier Case: More Conclusive 'Smoking Gun' Proof of Deception by Philior

* Anomalous Zones of Russia: Bottomless Lake by Lavrentyeva Natalya

* A UFO at the Vizcaino Power Plant: A Report from Ana Luisa Cid by Scott Corrales

* Case Studies in Pilot Misperceptions of 'UFOs' by
James Oberg

* Mystery Space Machines: John Lenard Walson Answers his Critics by Jeff Rense

* The Physics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations: How Advanced Couild They Possibly Be? by Michio Kaka

* Fancy a Hotel in Space? by David Reneke

other great features

* Editorial: Robert Frola

* Now Then: George Simpson

* UFO History Keys: Bill Chalker

* News & Reviews: Daniel Sims

* News

* Tales of Ghostly Sightings: Jo Kent

* Reviews

* Your Say

* Classifieds

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