UFOlogist Back Issues
Vol.12 - No.4 to 6 presented in 4 formats
Fredrick Valentich Case
21.10.78 - 21.10.08

Topics: VOL.12 No.4
major features

*Fredrick Valentich Case 21.10.78 - 21.10.08
by Richard F. Haines & Paul Norman

* Finding Planets Around Oddball Stars
by David Reneke

* The Fabulous Fifties: The Early Days of UFO in the Spanish - Speaking World...Part 1
by Scott Corrales

* Tasmania And The UFO
by Keith Roberts

* Gary McKinnon: Hacking Away At The Truth And The Failings Of Disclosure Community
by David Griffin

* Joyous Beings in the Sky...Part 1
by Lony Ruhmann

* RAF Sopley UFO - 1971
by Philip Mantle

* In Search Of Gordon Copper's UFOs
by James Oberg

* Diamonds In The Sky
by David Reneke

other great features

* Editorial: Robert Frola

* Now Then: George Simpson

* UFO History Keys: Bill Chalker

* News & Reviews: Daniel Sims

* News

* Tales of Ghostly Sightings: Jo Kent

* Reviews

* Your Say

* Classifieds


Volume 12 - No.4
November - December 2008

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