UFOlogist Back Issues
Vol.13 - No.3 to 6 presented in 4 formats
Russian Underwater Encounters: What Lurks Beneath the Surface
by Paul Stonehill

Topics: VOL.13 No.3
major features

UFO: Physical, Dimensional, or Holographic?
by Dennis Whitney

Fathoming the Abyss: The Summoning of Strange Entities
by Scott Corrales

From the Airbus to the Spaceplane: The Future of Commercial Aviation
by William John Cox

Can We See ET?
by David Reneke

UFO Landing and Occupants in Normanton, West Yorkshire, England
by Philip Mantle

The Year 1954 in Photos...Part 5
by Vicient-Juan Ballester Olmos

UFO Occupants: Possibly Amphibians
by Dimitris Hatzopoulos

General Theory of Paranormal Phenomena
by John Walker

Corporate Logos, Welcome to our Planet Guys
by Jon Wyatt

The Life and Times of John A Keel: 25.03.30 - 03.07.09
by Loren Coleman

Comets Formed Earth’s Oceans
by David Reneke

An 'Empty’ Corridor? The Ghosts of C Block
by Dee Sadikay

other great features

* Editorial: Robert Frola

* Now Then: George Simpson

* UFO History Keys: Bill Chalker

* News & Reviews: Daniel Sims

* News

* Tales of Ghostly Sightings: Jo Kent

* Reviews

* Your Say

* Classifieds

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