UFOlogist Back Issues
Vol.14 - No.6 to 6 presented in 4 formats
June 24, 1947 How It all Began: The Story of the Arnold Sighting Pt.3 by Bruce Maccabee

Topics: VOL.14 No.4
major features

Where the Witches Gather: Strange Mexican Stories
by Scott Corrales

Unusual Aerial Sightings: A Search Through the Australian Government’s Records System Pt.5
compiled by Keith Basterfield

The Enrique Castillo Rincon Case
by Umberto Vlisani

Amicizia: Mass Alien Contact in Europe from 1956 Onwards
by Warren P. Aston

Australian UFO “Hot Zones”: the Tyringham Experience
by Bill Chalker

1890s: Did “Helene” Really Visit the Red Planet?
by Jon Wyatt

The El Macón UFO and the Abominable Snowmen of La Puna (1955-1957)
by Fabio Picasso

Earth’s Terrible Twin
by David Reneke

other great features

* Editorial: Robert Frola

* Now Then: George Simpson

* UFO History Keys: Bill Chalker

* News & Reviews: Daniel Sims

* Mysteries Amongst Us: Kathleen McErlain

* News

* Tales of Ghostly Sightings: Jo Kent

* Reviews

* Your Say

* Classifieds

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