UFOlogist Back Issues
Vol.15 - No.1 to 6 presented in 4 formats
The Enigma of UFO Beams
by Scott Corrales

Topics: Vol.15 No.1

major features

The Enigma of UFO Beams
by Scott Corrales

On the Trail of the Roswell Debris and Bodies: Where Are They Now
by Anthony Bragalia

German Flying Saucers
by Rudi Stiebritz & Allis Fairfax

A Session with a Parent and her three Children About Spirituality
by Amanda Prosser

Mystery Airships: The 1896-97 Wave
by Umberto Vlisani

Policing the UFO Phenomenon
by Richard Jones

The Encounter
by Giovanni Sticco

Inside a Flying Saucer: Photographs
Inside an Akrij Craft
by Warren Aston

An Assessment of the UFO Sighting at Rogue River, Oregon (24 May 1949)
by Dr Bruce Maccabee

2011 Avalon Airshow UFO
by Neil Erikson


Editorial: Robert Frola

Now Then:
George Simpson

UFO History Keys:
Bill Chalker

News & Reviews:
Daniel Sims

Mysteries Amongst Us: Kathleen McErlain

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