UFOlogist Back Issues
Vol.15 - No.2 to 6 presented in 4 formats
UFOs in the 1950s:
The Caribbean Crisis
by Scott Corrales

Topics: Vol.15 No.2

Major features

UFOs in the 1950s: The Caribbean Crisis
by Scott Corrales

An Assessment of the UFO Sighting at Rogue River, Oregon (24 May 1949)...Part 2
by Dr Bruce Maccabee

Contactee and Experiencer Research Synopsis: Unawakened Contactees and Experiencers
by Amanda Prosser

Germany’s Incredible Technological Achievements of WW2...Part 1
by Greg Johnson

2011 Crop Circles
by Crop Circle Connector

UFOs Over the Kingdom of Georgia
by Paul Stonehill

The Gevaudan Beast
by Umberto Vlisani

‘Operation Tango-Sierra’: Real of Hoax?
by Marilyn K. MArtin

A Unique Experiment: The Gates to Another World in the Urals
by Nikolay Subbotin

Identifying the UFO Entities...Part 1
by Malcolm Nicholson

Sailing to the Stars
by David Reneke


Editorial: Robert Frola

Now Then:
George Simpson

UFO History Keys:
Bill Chalker

News & Reviews:
Daniel Sims

Mysteries Amongst Us: Kathleen McErlain

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