UFOlogist Back Issues
Vol.3 No.4 to 6 presented in 4 formats
Amazing Implants -
Apparent Communication with UFOs.

Topics: Vol.3 No.4
4th Quarter 1999 Issue

Amazing Implants

Apparent Communication with UFOs: Is this Confirmation of Sentient Control?

The Father Gill Sightings: Boianai, Papua 26/27/28 June 1959

Answer to the UFO Question

Colonel James Churchward: Fact or Fiction?

Renewed Interest in the UFO Phenomenon by the Electronic & Print Media

The Yowie Mystery solved at Last? The Yowie Man

Flying Saucers & Sonic Booms

Secret Projects or Natural Phenomenon: What are these Aerial Rods?

Focus on Australian UFO History

An Evening with Virgil Armstrong...Part 1

The September 1999 UFO Conference at Sydney...Part 1.

72 pages, illustrated, Full Colour

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