UFOlogist Back Issues
Vol.4 No.1 to 4 presented in 4 formats
Guyra: The Mystery or Man Made Coverup?
Part 1

Topics: Vol.4 No.1
1st Quarter 2000 Issue

An Unreliable Source

Pitman Park, Salisbury SA UFO Sighting; The Jarrold File

Pyramids in the Pacific: The Unwritten History of Australia

Guyra: The Mystery....Part 1

Ngatea Landings of New Zealand

NASA Base on Easter Island...Why?

The Pyramids of China: A Mystery Uncovered

The Coffs Harbour UFO Sighting - A Weapon Test?

Mysterious Explosions in Western Australia

Index: Volume 3 Issues 1 to 4

The Uni of NSW Contemplates UFO Reality

The September 1999 UFO Conference at Sydney...Part 2.

76 pages, illustrated

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