UFOlogist Back Issues
Vol.4 No.2 to 4 presented in 4 formats
The Case of the Headless Spaceman.

Topics: Vol.4 No.2
2nd Quarter 2000 Issue

The Case of the Headless Spaceman

ET Communication: What do they Use?

UFO Mysteries of the Burragorang Valley

Mind Slip

Signs of Contact; Interview with Dr. Helmut Lammer

The Harmonic Analysis of Black Mountain, QLD; 9th Annual International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival, Laughlin Navada USA

The Tully Never Ending UFO Saga

The Australian Senate UFO Files

Drawings of an Extraterrestrial Origin

The Uni of NSW Contemplates UFO Reality

Guyra: The Mystery...Part 2

Shonks and Shysters

Ancient Vedic Flying Machine - Were they UFOs.

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